Speech by Ilham Aliyev at the farewell ceremony for National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mubariz Ibrahimov and Senior Lieutenant Farid Ahmadov

07 November 2010, 18:05
Speech by Ilham Aliyev at the farewell ceremony for National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mubariz Ibrahimov and Senior Lieutenant Farid Ahmadov

Mubariz Ibrahimov and Farid Ahmadov died heroically in battles for the territorial integrity of our country in June and September respectively. During these months, we have been trying to bring them back soon to the Motherland.

Despite that it was very difficult. Ignoring all civil norms, Armenian side refused to give back dead bodies of our hero sons. This is an unseen atrocity. This is a move out of any moral values and religious norms. But, we kept our faith. We believed that we will bring back our sons, and this day has come.

Today is a very sad day. At the same time, this day is a glorious one. Mubariz and Farid died for their Motherland on their own soil. Having killed 5 enemy soldiers and wounded 3 of them in an uneven battle, Mubariz Ibrahimov became a martyr. Mubariz knew well that he would not come out of the battle safe and sound. However, his affection to Motherland and love to its soil, as well as his spirit of patriotism elevated him to the martyrdom. Mubariz is a role model for all the youth.

Farid Ahmadov died on duty. Both of them have been awarded high titles by the Azerbaijani state posthumously.

I offer my condolences to the parents, relatives and beloved ones of our martyrs. May Allah rest their souls in peace!

I would like to express my gratitude to the parents of our martyrs for bringing up such heroes for the Motherland. The education – the patriotic education they inculcated in their children has elevated Mubariz and Farid to the top level of morality.

We are always saddened by every loss on the frontline. Each loss is a pain to us. But, we live under the conditions of war, and Mubariz and Farid have demonstrated to the enemy by their lives and heroic actions that the Azerbaijani people and youth are ready to sacrifice themselves for their Motherland. This is a great example of heroism, courage and patriotism.

I would like to say once again that today is a very sad day for every single Azerbaijani. During these months, Azerbaijan was with the families of Farid and Mubariz. The Azerbaijani people demonstrated solidarity. I know that our citizens living in various regions visited families of our sons, expressed their condolences and demonstrated their solidarity throughout these months. Short and glorious lives of Mubariz and Farid have united further the Azerbaijani people.

At the same time, today is a very glorious day, because here, we bid farewell to our sons with a feeling of deep respect. I am confident that their dear memories will never fade away from the hears of the Azerbaijani people. There are thousands and ten thousands heroes in our army like Mubariz and Farid. They are waiting for the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. They are always ready to liberate their native lands. The Azerbaijani Army is the most powerful, professional, and brave Army in the South Caucasus, and the heroism of our martyrs has proved it once again. We do not only possess big quantities of weaponry, ammunitions, military equipment, and combat preparedness, but we also have high morale in our Army. Because, our cause is the right one. We have not occupied the lands of any country. Our territories have been under occupation for many years. We do not have any land claims to other states. But, we will never cede an inch of our land to anyone. We will restore our territorial integrity. Mubariz and Farid have not died in the territory of another country; they became martyrs on their own soil.

A day will come when Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity. We wish to achieve this through negotiations. We do not want to see our young sons be martyrs. We want our youth to live, get education, and work for Motherland and state.

Each loss on the battlefield is painful to us. Therefore, we strive to solve this issue peacefully through talks. Azerbaijan's position is gradually strengthening in the negotiation process. It is not only political and juridical truth which supports our position. Today, Azerbaijan dominates Armenia by several times at any given parameter. We have achieved this domination. Azerbaijani people have achieved it. Our domination in political, economic, and military terms is clear to everyone.

But, at the same time, I would like to reiterate on this glorious day that we will not conduct talks just for the sake of conducting it.

We will not let Armenia to engage in imitation of negotiations. We will keep conducting talks for as much as there remains a hope for restoration of our territorial integrity through negotiations. If we notice that it is not possible, then, the Azerbaijani state will restore its territorial integrity using its military. I do not doubt that we have all the conditions necessary for it - combat preparedness, material and technical supply, sufficient weaponry and ammunitions, professional army, high morale and the will of the Azerbaijani people. We can restore our territorial integrity by military means at any moment. The enemy should know this and they do know that.

The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has never been the subject of negotiations and will never be so. Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity. Nagorno-Karabakh is our native, historical land. For centuries, the Azerbaijani people have lived and worked in Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions. The contemporary Armenian state was created on historical Azerbaijani lands.

Erivan Khanate, Zangezur district are our historical lands. We will never allow the creation of a second Armenian state in our native land – in Nagorno-Karabakh. The Azerbaijani people will never condone this. Today, we have all the means to solve this issue. We are simply trying to use negotiation process to the maximum extent. We do not want to have war. Who would want a war? However, we will never reconcile with this situation. Today, we have mobilized all our efforts to solve the tasks we face. Today, the bravery and courage of our martyr sons have demonstrated once again that we can do it.

Dear parents of our martyrs, these months were very difficult for you. You have lost your sons. There is no greater grief. But, you have declared as true citizens that all of us are ready to be martyrs for the Motherland. Let the Motherland live forever! May Allah rest the souls of all our martyrs in peace!