Patriotic War

For almost 30 years, Azerbaijan tried to resolve the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict through negotiations with Armenia, which had occupied 20 percent of its territory. The talks yielded no results. On the contrary, it was clear that the Armenian side was simply trying to gain time, to consolidate the status quo, to perpetuate it. Azerbaijan could not and did not come to terms with the occupation.

Over the said period, due to his foresight and wisdom, national leader Heydar Aliyev did tremendous work for the comprehensive development of Azerbaijan and for the solidifying its political and economic independence.

Patriotic War

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who successfully continues this path, stated the importance of economic strength, first of all, for the restoration of the country’s territorial integrity. As a result of the accurate and thought-out policies, Azerbaijan began to gain strength, secured its economic independence and became a modern state economically independent of anyone, any country or international financial institution. He created a unique model of development in the world. The country’s economic growth led to a turnaround in army building. The Azerbaijani Army’s arsenal was replenished with advanced weapons and military equipment. The knowledge and skills of Azerbaijani servicemen were enhanced and significant steps were taken to improve their social protection and professional environment. Azerbaijan’s defense industry was developed and most of the army’s domestic needs were met through domestic production. Azerbaijan began to produce more than 1,000 types of military products and became an exporter of the most modern weapons. The high combat capability of the Azerbaijani Army was demonstrated to the world in numerous military parades in Azadlig Square.

Most importantly, over the past 30 years the people of Azerbaijan never put up with the occupation and showed unwavering determination in the restoration of their territorial integrity. The patriotic youth that has matured under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly proved that they were ready to make any sacrifice in the interests of the Motherland.

Over the said period, Azerbaijan has significantly strengthened its standing as a reliable partner, enhanced the country’s reputation and turned its determination into the crucial factor in the region through the implementation of multifaceted, principled and authentic foreign policy, active engagement with international organizations and foreign countries and forging close relations, as well as implementation of regional energy and communication projects.

All these factors fully conditioned the absolute victory of Azerbaijan and made it only a matter of time.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly called on Armenia to return the occupied territories, but Armenia not only ignored those calls, but also felt encouraged to occupy more of Azerbaijan’s lands and opted, instead, for a series of military provocations.

By torpedoing the format and subject matter of the negotiations, by creating a semblance of negotiations, by not implementing the UN Security Council resolutions and decisions, Armenia explicitly showed that it was not in favor of peace.

The statement of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Khankendi on 5 August 2019 that “Karabakh is a part of Armenia and full stop” became one of the most obvious admissions of Armenia’s policy of aggression. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev reacted harshly to Pashinyan’s statement during his speech at the 16th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club on 3 October 2019, saying that “Karabakh is Azerbaijan and an exclamation mark.”

President Ilham Aliyev clearly describes this period: “Indeed, they refer to Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent state. They then published new maps and began to attribute all the adjacent districts to Nagorno-Karabakh. Our towns and villages were renamed, and finally we were threatened with a new war for new territories. This was stated by their defense minister named Tonoyan. He announced that Armenia was preparing for a new war for new territories.”

In July 2020, Armenia committed another military provocation in the direction of Tovuz on the state border with Azerbaijan. The purpose of the provocation was to create a new source of tension in the region, to put the issue of occupation of Azerbaijani territories on the backburner, to involve third countries in the conflict and to cause damage to Azerbaijan’s strategic infrastructure. The Azerbaijani Army responded with a crushing blow to the enemy.

In August 2020, Armenia resorted to yet another military provocation by sending a sabotage group to Azerbaijan to commit acts of terror. However, the Azerbaijani Army foiled this subversive plan too.

Speaking at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly on 24 September 2020, President Ilham Aliyev warned the international community that Armenia was preparing for a new war against Azerbaijan: “Armenia has recently adopted an aggressive and belligerent military doctrine and national security strategy… We call on the United Nations and the international community to deter Armenia from another military aggression. Responsibility for the provocations and the escalation of tensions lies squarely with the military-political leadership of Armenia.”

Thus, the military-political leadership of Armenia did not learn the lesson from the battles of April 2016 and the battles of July 2020, and continued to aggravate the situation.

On 27 September 2020, a counter-offensive was launched in response to Armenia’s yet another large-scale military attack on Azerbaijani Army positions and civilian settlements. The counter-offensive later became known as Operation Iron Fist that led to the Patriotic War.

Patriotic War

During the 44-day Patriotic War, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev regularly addressed the people. Those addresses brought the people of Azerbaijan even closer together, united them like a fist and had a tremendous impact on the course and outcomes of the war. Every appeal was a harbinger of further victories.

In his first address to the people during the Patriotic War on 27 September 2020, the President of Azerbaijan called on the nation to achieve the resolute victory. “We are on the right path. Ours is the cause of justice. We will win! Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”

In his second address to the nation on 4 October 2020, President Ilham Aliyev showed the enemy its place: “Now we have shown who is who… We are carrying out our salvation mission and we will do it!”

In his third address to the nation on 9 October 2020, the President of Azerbaijan declared that the status quo no longer existed and the line of contact had been smashed. “I have changed the status quo. I have changed it! Right there, on the battlefield. There is no status quo any more. There is no line of contact, it doesn’t exist. We have broken through it. They had been building this line of contact for 30 years. No-one can withstand the Azerbaijani soldiers.”

In his next address to the nation on 17 October 2020, President Ilham Aliyev conveyed the message that Azerbaijani cities subjected to missile attacks had become a symbol of resistance to Armenia’s state terrorism and vandalism against civilians. “No threat, no intimidation, no pressure can affect my resolve. Ours is the cause of justice. We are fighting on our own land; we are restoring our territorial integrity.”

In his fifth address to the nation on 20 October 2020, the President of Azerbaijan noted that the results achieved were the fruition of deliberate and timely steps, adding that haste was unacceptable: “Every time I address my people, I share good news. At the same time, I mention the names of new villages and cities liberated from occupation through my Twitter account almost every day. I know that the people of Azerbaijan are looking forward to this news every day, every single day! They await every day and every hour for this news to come out. But I want my dear people to know that the liberation of every village and every height requires great courage. There are not only fortifications there, but also the natural terrain of the liberated lands is more advantageous for the Armenians. We have to fight not only against their fortifications, their cannons and their missiles, but also against the natural terrain as we liberate our lands from the invaders inch by inch.”

In his sixth address to the nation on 26 October 2020, the head of state shared the good news that the Azerbaijani people were close to the decisive victory. “We are liberating these lands at the cost of lives of our soldiers and officers. We have asserted ourselves in the world both on the battlefield and in the political arena. We have proved that the people of Azerbaijan are proud, brave people and invincible people.”

8 November 2020 is inscribed in the history of Azerbaijan as Victory Day in golden letters. President Ilham Aliyev made his seventh address to the nation from the Alley of Martyrs and announced the liberation of Shusha to the people of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis all over the world. “I have also visited the grave of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev today and paid a tribute of respect to him. I said in my heart that I was a fortunate person to have fulfilled a father’s will. We have liberated Shusha! This is a great victory! The souls of our martyrs and the Great Leader are rejoicing today! May you rejoice Azerbaijan! May you rejoice Azerbaijanis of the world! … The people of Azerbaijan are united like this fist today! This will always be the case! This unity will last forever! This unity will help us to accomplish all our goals in the future… Dear Shusha, you are free! Dear Shusha, we have returned! Dear Shusha, we will revive you!”

Patriotic War

One day after the liberation of Shusha, more than 70 other settlements were liberated. The enemy was brought to its knees and had no choice but to sign an act of capitulation.

On 10 November 2020, the act of Armenia’s capitulation, the “Statement of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and President of the Russian Federation”, was signed. On the same day, in his eighth address to the nation, Ilham Aliyev announced that his phrase “Karabakh is Azerbaijan and an exclamation mark”, which had become a national slogan, already covered the whole of Karabakh and put an end to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. “What happened to the status quo? … There is no status and never will be. As long as I am President, this will not happen. Therefore, that document has a tremendous significance. I am sure that all Azerbaijani citizens believe that these days and minutes are the happiest in their lives. I am also fortunate to convey good news and these messages to the Azerbaijani people. I am delighted to have signed this historic document. I am happy that we are returning to our homeland, to our native Karabakh, Shusha - Karabakh’s crown jewel, and we will always live in these lands! From now on, no-one can force us from these lands!”

Patriotic War

The President of Azerbaijan said that the outcome of the war was the best example to understand the difference between Azerbaijan and Armenia: “Did we have a single deserter? We didn’t! Not a single person! That is the people of Azerbaijan! Civilians lost their homes, their property, their loved ones, but were still saying “Long live the Motherland.” Charge, only charge! The letters to me say, “Supreme Commanderin-Chief, charge! We support you, charge, don’t stop, so I charged, I didn’t stop.”

President Ilham Aliyev also obliterated Armenian propaganda with his interviews with the world’s leading media outlets. “I gave about 30 interviews during this war. I have probably never given so many interviews in my life… I stated in those interviews that we respected international law, we defended international law and we defended justice. We were implementing UN Security Council resolutions. I said that all our steps were taken on based on norms and principles of international law, and in line with moral code. All our steps have been taken in that very direction. We took our revenge on the enemy. We took it on the occupiers. We have never confronted civilians, and we never will. There is no major destruction in the cities where the enemy settled and sheltered because we did not fire at civilian sites. That is the difference between us.”

Combat losses of Armenian troops

No Losses Total
1. Personnel Up to 10000
2. Tanks 287
3. Infantry Fighting Vehicles 66
4. Infantry Fighting Vehicles-C 3
5. 152 mm self-propelled artillery units (2S3 Acacia) 14
6. 122 mm self-propelled artillery units (2S1 Carnation) 14
7. Cannons (different caliber) 315
8. Mortars (different caliber) / anti-tank weapon 63/53
9. 300 mm BM-30 (“Smerch”) 4
10. SU-25 airplanes 5
11. 122 mm BM-21 (“Grad”) 97
12. 220 mm “Hurricane” 2
13. 273 mm WM 80 2
14. 220 mm TOS (with ammunition) 2
15. S-300 air defense system launcher 7
16. S-300 air defense system lighting and guiding radar 1
17. S-300 air defense system radar detection station 2
18. 5N84 (defense) radar 1
19. Air defense systems “Tor” 6
20. Air defense systems “Osa” 38
21. Air defense systems “Osa” charger installation 1
22. Air defense systems KUB launcher 2
23. Air defense systems KUB ICT station 2
24. Air defense systems KRUG RTS 1
25. Air defense system S-125 antenna posts (UNV-2D) 2
26. Anti-aircraft defense installations M55 Zastava (mounted on multi-purpose transporter) 5
27. Anti-aircraft defense installations 23-2/4 (mounted on multi-purpose transporter) 9
28. Unmanned flying vehicles 22
29. Short-range missiles “ELBRUS” (rocket) 2
30. Ballistic rockets 2
31. “TOCHKA-U” rocket systems 1
32. PMZ (ground vehicle mine dispenser) 1
33. REM (RTK) installations / Re-transmitter 5/1
34. R-142 (command post vehicles), diesel engine 2/1
35. NEBO-M radars 1
36. P-19 radar station 1
37. P-18 radar station / antenna post 3/1
38. 19J6 radar stations 3
39. Repellents (radio-technical disturbance unit) 4
40. Trucks (22 with ammunition), automobiles 253/46
41. Pick-up automobiles / special vehicles 5/1
42. Multi-purpose transporters 3

Spoils of war seized by the Azerbaijani Army from the enemy

No Spoils of war Total
1. Ammunition (different caliber) 2994285
2. Tanks 101
3. Infantry fighting vehicles 63
4. Infantry fighting vehicles-CS 1
5. BRDM-2 (armored reconnaissance scout vehicle) 8
6. Cannons and howitzers 169
7. Mortars 64
8. Anti-tank guided rocket systems 97
9. Anti-tank guided rockets 358
10. Grenade launchers 635
11. Firearms 3615
12. Shilka anti-aircraft defense systems 23-4 11
13. KUB-2K12 (1RL-93 rocket charging station of anti-aircraft defense systems) 1
14. KUB-2K12 (anti-aircraft defense system launchers) 1
15. 3M9M3 anti-aircraft missile system (rocket) 3
16. 9M331 TOR system (9M334) 6
17. 9M331 TOR anti-aircraft missile system (rocket) 21
18. 9M33M2, 9M33M3 anti-aircraft missile system (rocket) 31
19. OSA combat vehicle 1
20. 9T217BM3 fuel engine 2
21. “Igla-S”, “Igla”, “Igla-1” portable anti-aircraft defense systems 138
22. “Strela-2” portable anti-aircraft defense systems 6
23. “Igla-S”, “Igla”, “Igla-1”, “Strela-2” portable anti-aircraft defense system launchers 55
24. Automobiles 120
25. Trucks 512
26. Special vehicles 94
27. Trailers 47
28. BTS-4 armored tractor 5
29. Multi-purpose transporters 48
30. BRM-1K combat reconnaissance vehicle 6
31. Self-propelled artillery installations (2S1 Carnation) 12
32. Tractors 10

In addition, seven enemy command posts and 11 ammunition depots were destroyed.

As a result of a continuation of the military victory in the political arena, within 20 days after the 44-day war, three districts were returned to Azerbaijan – Aghdam on 20 November, Kalbajar on 25 November and Lachin on 1 December of 2020. In this regard, the President of Azerbaijan said in an address to the nation on 1 December: “The brilliant victory on the battlefield led to the wonderful outcome that Azerbaijan’s three districts – Aghdam, Kalbadjar and Lachin – have been returned to us. We have regained these districts without firing a single shot or a single person becoming a martyr.”

Thus, Azerbaijan’s lands that were gradually occupied by Armenian military units over the course of four years and remained under occupation for about 30 years were liberated in a matter of 44 days regardless of strong military fortifications, obstacles and lines of defense. The territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been restored and the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict has been consigned to history.

Azerbaijan won a brilliant victory in the Patriotic War, defeated Armenia and put an end to the occupation. Every single day of these 44 days was a glorious history for Azerbaijan.

A chronology of the liberation of residential areas and heights from the occupation
during the Patriotic War:

1. 27.09.2020 Fuzuli Garakhanbayli
2. 27.09.2020 Fuzuli Garvand
3. 27.09.2020 Fuzuli Horadiz village
4. 27.09.2020 Jabrayil Boyuk Marjanli
5. 27.09.2020 Jabrayil Nuzgar
6. 27.09.2020 Kalbadjar Murovdag Peak
7. 03.10.2020 Jabrayil Mehdili
8. 03.10.2020 Jabrayil Chakhirli
9. 03.10.2020 Jabrayil Ashaghi Maralyan
10. 03.10.2020 Jabrayil Shaybay
11. 03.10.2020 Jabrayil Guyjag
12. 03.10.2020 Fuzuli Ashaghi Abdurrahmanli
13. 03.10.2020 Tartar Sugovushan
14. 03.10.2020 Tartar Talish
15. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Jabrayil city
16. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Shukurbayli
17. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Charakan
18. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Dashkasan
19. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Horovlu
20. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Mahmudlu (village)
21. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Jafarabad
22. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Yukhari Maralyan
23. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Dajal
24. 04.10.2020 Jabrayil Karkhulu
25. 05.10.2020 Jabrayil Shikhaliaghali
26. 05.10.2020 Jabrayil Sarijalli
27. 05.10.2020 Jabrayil Mazra
28. 09.10.2020 Jabrayil Gishlag
29. 09.10.2020 Tartar Chayli
30. 09.10.2020 Jabrayil Garajallı
31. 09.10.2020 Jabrayil Afandilar
32. 09.10.2020 Jabrayil Suleymanli
33. 09.10.2020 Fuzuli Yukharı Guzlak
34. 09.10.2020 Fuzuli Gorazilli
35. 09.10.2020 Khojavand Hadrut settlement
36. 09.10.2020 Khojavand Sor
37. 14.10.2020 Fuzuli Garadaghli
38. 14.10.2020 Fuzuli Khatinbulag
39. 14.10.2020 Fuzuli Garakollu
40. 14.10.2020 Khojavand Bulutan
41. 14.10.2020 Khojavand Malikjanli
42. 14.10.2020 Khojavand Girmizigaya
43. 14.10.2020 Khojavand Daghdoshu
44. 14.10.2020 Khojavand Taghaser
45. 15.10.2020 Fuzuli Arish
46. 15.10.2020 Jabrayil Doshulu
47. 15.10.2020 Khojavand Edisha
48. 15.10.2020 Khojavand Dudukchu
49. 15.10.2020 Khojavand Edilli
50. 15.10.2020 Khojavand Chiraguz
51. 16.10.2020 Khojavand Khirmanjig
52. 16.10.2020 Khojavand Aghbulag
53. 16.10.2020 Khojavand Akhullu
54. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Fuzuli city
55. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Gochahmadli
56. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Juvarli
57. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Pirahmadli
58. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Musabayli
59. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Chiman
60. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Ishigli
61. 17.10.2020 Fuzuli Dadali
62. 18.10.2020 Jabrayil Hajili
63. 18.10.2020 Jabrayil Hajı Isagli
64. 18.10.2020 Jabrayil Khudafarin settlement
65. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Soltanli
66. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Amirvarli
67. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Mashanli
68. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Hasanli
69. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Alikeykhali
70. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Gumlag
71. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Goyarchin Veysalli
72. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Niyazgulular
73. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Kechal Mammadli
74. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Shahvalli
75. 19.10.2020 Jabrayil Isagli
76. 20.10.2020 Fuzuli Dordchinar
77. 20.10.2020 Fuzuli Kurdlar
78. 20.10.2020 Fuzuli Yukhari Abdurrahmanli
79. 20.10.2020 Fuzuli Garghabazar
80. 20.10.2020 Fuzuli Ashaghi Veysalli
81. 20.10.2020 Fuzuli Yukharı Aybasanli
82. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Safarsha
83. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Hasangaydi
84. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Fughanli
85. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Imambaghi
86. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Dash Veysalli
87. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Aghtapa
88. 20.10.2020 Jabrayil Yarahmadli
89. 20.10.2020 Khojavand Aghjakand
90. 20.10.2020 Khojavand Mulkudara
91. 20.10.2020 Khojavand Dashbashi
92. 20.10.2020 Khojavand Gunashli
93. 20.10.2020 Khojavand Chinarli
94. 20.10.2020 Zangilan Zangilan city
95. 20.10.2020 Zangilan Havali
96. 20.10.2020 Zangilan Mammadbayli
97. 20.10.2020 Zangilan Hakari settlement
98. 20.10.2020 Zangilan Sharifan
99. 20.10.2020 Zangilan Mughanli
100. 21.10.2020 Fuzuli Gejagozlu
101. 21.10.2020 Fuzuli Ashaghi Seyidahmadli
102. 21.10.2020 Fuzuli Zargar
103. 21.10.2020 Jabrayil Balyand
104. 21.10.2020 Jabrayil Papi
105. 21.10.2020 Jabrayil Tulus
106. 21.10.2020 Jabrayil Tinli
107. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Minjivan settlement
108. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Babayli
109. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Uchunju Aghali
110. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Saril
111. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Khumarli
112. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Hajalli
113. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Khurama
114. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Jahangirbayli
115. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Turabad
116. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Ichari Mushlan
117. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Girag Mushlan
118. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Malikli
119. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Udgun
120. 21.10.2020 Zangilan Baharli
121. 22.10.2020 Fuzuli Mollavali
122. 22.10.2020 Fuzuli Yuhkari Rafadinli
123. 22.10.2020 Fuzuli Ashaghi Rafadinli
124. 22.10.2020 Jabrayil Sirik
125. 22.10.2020 Jabrayil Shikhlar
126. 22.10.2020 Jabrayil Mastalibayli
127. 22.10.2020 Jabrayil Darzili
128. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Kollugishlag
129. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Malatkeshin
130. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Zangilan (village)
131. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Genlik
132. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Valigulubayli
133. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Garadara
134. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Chopadara
135. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Tatar
136. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Tiri
137. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Amirkhanli
138. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Gargulu
139. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Bartaz (village)
140. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Dallakli
141. 22.10.2020 Zangilan Aghband settlement
142. 23.10.2020 Khojavand Dolanlar
143. 23.10.2020 Khojavand Bunyadli
144. 23.10.2020 Jabrayil Dagh Tumas
145. 23.10.2020 Jabrayil Nusus
146. 23.10.2020 Jabrayil Khalafli settlement
147. 23.10.2020 Jabrayil Minbashili
148. 23.10.2020 Zangilan Vanadli
149. 23.10.2020 Zangilan Mirzahasanli
150. 23.10.2020 Gubadli Zilanli
151. 23.10.2020 Gubadli Kurd Mahruzlu
152. 23.10.2020 Gubadli Mughanli
153. 23.10.2020 Gubadli Alagurshag
154. 25.10.2020 Zangilan Birinji Alibayli
155. 25.10.2020 Zangilan İkinji Alibayli
156. 25.10.2020 Zangilan Raband
157. 25.10.2020 Zangilan Yenikand
158. 25.10.2020 Jabrayil Govshudlu
159. 25.10.2020 Jabrayil Sofulu
160. 25.10.2020 Jabrayil Dagh Mashanli
161. 25.10.2020 Jabrayil Kurdlar
162. 25.10.2020 Jabrayil Hovuslu
163. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Padar
164. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Afandilar
165. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Yusifbayli
166. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Chaytumas
167. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Khanlig
168. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Sariyatag
169. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Mollaburhan
170. 25.10.2020 Gubadli Gubadli city
171. 26.10.2020 Jabrayil Chalabilar
172. 28.10.2020 Zangilan Birinji Aghali
173. 28.10.2020 Zangilan İkinji Aghali
174. 28.10.2020 Zangilan Zarnali
175. 28.10.2020 Fuzuli Mandili
176. 28.10.2020 Jabrayil Gazanzami
177. 28.10.2020 Jabrayil Khanaghabulag
178. 28.10.2020 Jabrayil Chullu
179. 28.10.2020 Jabrayil Gushchular
180. 28.10.2020 Jabrayil Garaaghac
181. 28.10.2020 Gubadli Giyasli
182. 28.10.2020 Gubadli Abilja
183. 28.10.2020 Gubadli Gilijan
184. 30.10.2020 Jabrayil Khudaverdili
185. 30.10.2020 Jabrayil Gurbantapa
186. 30.10.2020 Jabrayil Shahvaladli
187. 30.10.2020 Jabrayil Khubyarli
188. 30.10.2020 Zangilan Aladin
189. 30.10.2020 Zangilan Vejnali
190. 30.10.2020 Gubadli Kavdadig
191. 30.10.2020 Gubadli Mamar
192. 30.10.2020 Gubadli Mollali
193. 02.11.2020 Jabrayil Chapand
194. 02.11.2020 Jabrayil Goshabulag
195. 02.11.2020 Zangilan Dara Gilatagh
196. 02.11.2020 Zangilan Boyuk Gilatagh
197. 02.11.2020 Gubadli Ishigli
198. 02.11.2020 Gubadli Muradkhanli
199. 02.11.2020 Gubadli Milanli
200. 04.11.2020 Jabrayil Mirak
201. 04.11.2020 Jabrayil Kavdar
202. 04.11.2020 Zangilan Mashadiismayilli
203. 04.11.2020 Zangilan Shafibayli
204. 04.11.2020 Gubadli Basharat
205. 04.11.2020 Gubadli Garakishilar
206. 04.11.2020 Gubadli Garajalli
207. 07.11.2020 Fuzuli Yukhari Veysalli
208. 07.11.2020 Fuzuli Yukharı Seyidahmadli
209. 07.11.2020 Fuzuli Gorgan
210. 07.11.2020 Fuzuli Uchunju Mahmudlu
211. 07.11.2020 Fuzuli Gajar
212. 07.11.2020 Fuzuli Divanalilar
213. 07.11.2020 Jabrayil Yukhari Mazra
214. 07.11.2020 Jabrayil Yanarkhaj
215. 07.11.2020 Gubadli Gazyan
216. 07.11.2020 Gubadli Balasoltanli
217. 07.11.2020 Gubadli Mardanli
218. 07.11.2020 Zangilan Beshdali
219. 07.11.2020 Khojaly Garabulag
220. 07.11.2020 Khojaly Baharli
221. 07.11.2020 Khojavand Atagut
222. 07.11.2020 Khojavand Hunarli
223. 08.11.2020 Shusha Shusha city
224. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Gobu Dilagharda
225. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Yal Pirahmadli
226. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Yukhari Yaghlivand
227. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Dilagharda
228. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Seyidmahmudlu
229. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Alasgarli
230. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Ashaghi Guzlak
231. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Govshatli
232. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Mirzajamalli
233. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Shakarjik
234. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Merdinli
235. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Shikhli
236. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Garamammadli
237. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Dovlatyarli
238. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Huseynbayli
239. 09.11.2020 Fuzuli Sarajig
240. 09.11.2020 Khojaly Damirchilar
241. 09.11.2020 Khojaly Chanagchi
242. 09.11.2020 Khojaly Madatkand
243. 09.11.2020 Khojaly Sighnag
244. 09.11.2020 Shusha Dashalti
245. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Susanlig
246. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Bina
247. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Tugh
248. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Aghdam
249. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Azikh
250. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Boyuk Taghlar
251. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Salakatin
252. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Zoghalbulag
253. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Arakul
254. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Taghaverd
255. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Zardanashen
256. 09.11.2020 Khojavand Shekher
257. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Huseynalilar
258. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Soyudlu
259. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Ashaghi Sirik
260. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Galajig
261. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Molla Hasanli
262. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Asgarkhanli
263. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Yukhari Nusus
264. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Ashig Malikli
265. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Niftalilar
266. 09.11.2020 Jabrayil Garar
267. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Yukhari Mollu
268. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Ashaghi Mollu
269. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Khojik
270. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Garaimanli
271. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Khandak
272. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Hamzali
273. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Mahruzlu
274. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Hal
275. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Balligaya
276. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Ulashli
277. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Tinli
278. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Khojahan
279. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Boyunakar
280. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Garagoyunlu
281. 09.11.2020 Gubadli Charali
282. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Kechikli
283. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Ordakli
284. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Sobu
285. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Garagoz
286. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Isgandarbayli
287. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Bartaz settlement
288. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Bartaz (2300 m)
289. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Sighirt (1370 m)
290. 09.11.2020 Zangilan Shukurataz (2000 m)
291. 09.11.2020 Lachin Gulabird
292. 09.11.2020 Lachin Safiyan
293. 09.11.2020 Lachin Turklar
294. 20.11.2020 Aghdam Aghdam
295. 25.11.2020 Kalbadjar Kalbadjar
296. 01.12.2020 Lachin Lachin

The people of Azerbaijan and the state cherish the bright memory of the heroic sons who perished for the Motherland, always remember them with utmost respect, appreciate the hard work of the wounded war veterans and are proud of them.

Patriotic War

Some of the equipment seized from the Armenian army was displayed in a military parade in Baku on 10 December 2020, and is also exhibited in the Spoils of War Park, which opened in Baku in April 2021.

Patriotic War

The Patriotic War has also earned the title of a “War of the 21st Century” in the world’s military science. In the face of the complex fortifications built by the enemy in difficult terrain for decades, the victorious Azerbaijani Army demonstrated true professionalism, skill, invincibility and, most importantly, proved to the world that it is ready for any sacrifice for the sake of eternal love for the Motherland.

The Great Return

The Patriotic War put an end to the longing of the Azerbaijani people for Karabakh and paved the way for the restoration and reconstruction work in the liberated territories in accordance with the latest standards. Life has returned to Karabakh. As a result of the Patriotic War, the restoration of Azerbaijan’s borderline with Armenia began, and the Zangazur corridor will soon become a historical reality.

The Shusha Declaration on Allied Relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey signed in Shusha on 15 June 2021 also states that the opening of the Zangazur corridor will signal the start of a new phase in the life of the region.

Patriotic War

President Ilham Aliyev clearly defined the historic significance of the Shusha Declaration: “The Declaration reflects the words of the great leaders of our peoples, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Heydar Aliyev. In the early 20th century, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said, ‘Azerbaijan’s joy is ours, and so is its sorrow.’ In the late 20th century, Heydar Aliyev said, ‘Turkey and Azerbaijan are one nation in two states.’ Those historic words are the primary factor in our endeavors. In the 21st century, we remain true to this testament, demonstrate our loyalty to our ancestors and guide future generations by signing the Declaration on Allied Relations in the liberated Shusha. The Joint Declaration refers to the historic Kars Agreement. The historic Kars Agreement was signed exactly 100 years ago. There is also a great symbolism in that. The Joint Declaration on Allied Relations signed in the liberated city of Shusha after 100 years shows the direction of our future cooperation.”

Another historic document signed on 7 July 2021, the “Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on a new division of economic regions in the Republic of Azerbaijan” , became one of the primary outcomes of the Patriotic War.

Located in the eastern part of the Zangazur plateau, surrounded by the Zangazur mountain range and covering a vast area from Lachin and Kalbadjar to Nakhchivan, situated on the border with Armenia, a region that was long part of the Zangazur district established in the same geographical area in 1861, has become a part of a single economic zone – the East Zangazur Economic Region, together with Zangilan, Gubadli, Jabrayil, Lachin and Kalbadjar districts, with which it has historically had economic, historical and cultural ties. The ancient Karabakh region with its unique historical and cultural heritage and inimitable nature has become – the Karabakh Economic Region that includes Aghdam, Shusha, Fuzuli, Tartar, Khojavand, Khojaly districts and Khankendi city, as well as Aghjabadi and Barda districts.

Thus, another historical injustice that befell the Azerbaijani people during the USSR had been eliminated by President Ilham Aliyev: “… In 1923, an artificial entity was created in our territory – the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region. There were absolutely no grounds for its establishment. Although the 7 July was a tragic date for our people, in 2021 we have turned this black page. 7 July will go down in history as a remarkable date because on 7 July 2021, I signed a decree on the establishment of the Karabakh and East Zangazur economic zones, and historical justice has been restored.”

Patriotic War

Karabakh and East Zangazur will soon become a paradise. At present, all the liberated territories are experiencing a period of great construction and restoration and are preparing for the Great Return.