Ilham Aliyev has received bp Chief Executive Officer

13 March 2024, 12:23
Ilham Aliyev has received bp Chief Executive Officer

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has received Murray Auchincloss, the newly appointed bp Chief Executive Officer.

Murray Auchincloss congratulated Ilham Aliyev on his victory in the presidential election.

The head of state expressed his gratitude for the congratulations.

Hailing his visit to Baku, the bp CEO extended his congratulations on the achievements that Azerbaijan has gained over the past 30 years. He emphasized the importance of channeling the revenues from energy resources to the development of the economy during this period. Murray Auchincloss lauded Azerbaijan's cooperation with bp.

President Ilham Aliyev highlighted the longstanding and successful cooperation between Azerbaijan and bp. The head of state underscored the importance of the "Contract of the Century," signed in 1994, as the starting point for the strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and bp. The President of Azerbaijan emphasized that revenues generated from energy resources production had been effectively directed towards the economic, social, and all other areas of development in the country.

The meeting highlighted Azerbaijan's contribution to the energy security of several countries in the region and Europe, in particular, the reliable gas supplies as one of the results of the cooperation with Azerbaijan. They emphasized the country’s current potential of both hydrocarbon and renewable energy sources, with specific mention of upcoming projects in these areas planned this year for Azerbaijan's liberated territories in collaboration with bp.

Future cooperation opportunities between bp and SOCAR were also discussed as part of the deliberations.