13 september 2012, 09:10

From Mazahir Zeynalov, Goranboy, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President and Commander-in-Chief!

We are all happy about the return to our country of Ramil Safarov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for giving an appropriate answer to an Armenian officer who had insulted the Azerbaijani people and flag. Our people are congratulating each other on the good news. We, elders, are aware that Ramil Safarov’s release became possible thanks to your hard work and authority. We must confess that the return of Safarov to our country was a strong answer to those who justify the Armenian aggression. At the same time, this showed that some states are taking a pro-Armenian position. We, elders, condemn the policy of double standards by the states that demonstrate such a groundless and biased position. We believe that as a result of your far-signed policy, our occupied lands will be liberated soon. We always support and defend your domestic and foreign policy.


Mazahir Hidayat oglu Zeynalov, chairman of the Council of Elders of Goranboy District

Goranboy District, Azerbaijan Republic