12 september 2012, 12:15

From Sara Sultanova and others, Zardab, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President and Commander-in-Chief!

Your tireless efforts are bringing brilliant and inimitable victories to Azerbaijan. As a result of your irreplaceable and considered diplomatic activities and unique resolve and initiative, Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov was exempted from life imprisonment.

Yes, by saving the honourable son of our homeland from imprisonment, you proved once again that you are behind every child and serviceman of Azerbaijan. We are ready for any sacrifice for you. We are always with you, Mr President! We believe that just like you made us happy by releasing Ramil Safarov, you will make us much happier by liberating the lands of Karabakh in the near future. May God protect you and our people!

On behalf of the women intellectuals of Zardab District,


Honoured Teachers Sara Sultanova, Chimnaz Mammadova, Shamsiyya Hasanova, teachers awarded the Taraqqi Medal Lala Amiraliyeva, Zumrud Aliyeva, Javahir Ismayilova and others (81 signatures in total).

Zardab District, Azerbaijan Republic