12 september 2012, 12:25

From Sujayat Huseynova, Lachin, Azerbaijan

Dear President Ilham Aliyev!

I express my deep gratitude and appreciation to you. You, will always be on top like a falcon. This God-granted summit will always be your place!

When Allah gave Prophet Muhammad the news of his mission, he was faced with great difficulties on the part of those who did not accept him, he came under a lot of pressure. But Prophet Muhammad patiently passed the test and defeated his enemies. Because the victory was given to him by Allah himself. He was awarded the title of the Prophet and proved that this was the desire of Allah. And you are given this power and will by Allah himself. What God tells his servants can’t change. May Allah bless you! May Allah help you in the fulfillment of your desires!

Mr. President! In December 2011, I asked you to ease the punishment of Ramil Safarov and extradite him to Azerbaijan. To tell you the truth, after I had sent you this appeal, I had a sense of fear. I thought to myself, what if I am asked who I am to interfere in such matters. Thank you for reading my request. I received a reply letter from the ministry.

I was delighted with the letter and satisfied with the response. I was happy because both ordinary people and high-ranking officials have a say in our country. And I am an ordinary citizen of the country.

This boils down to your vision, deliberate actions, broad outlook. By your good qualities you have earned the respect and love of the people. Please accept my words not as a compliment, but as the truth. All the people say “Thank you”.
Mr. President! You have justified the confidence of the people, gained so much of the people’s love that those who oppose you may be ashamed of their actions and regret them.

Dear Mr. President! The freeing of Ramil Safarov by your order has pleased the people of Azerbaijan. Sharing in this joy, I express my gratitude and say “Thank you”.

With great respect and reverence, joy over your successes and expectation of the victory in connection with the liberation of Karabakh with the grace of Allah and under your leadership.

Sujayat Huseynova
Lachin District, the Republic of Azerbaijan