11 september 2012, 12:00

From Sahila Orujova, Gazakh, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President, Mr. Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev!

By taking a wise step to free the brave son of our people Ramil Safarov, you have strengthened the love for as the head of state.

We saw again that our President is not indifferent to the fate of every citizen. The courageous and brave son of Azerbaijan Ramil Safarov is a representative of our country, its envoy. Ramil Safarov is a true son of his people who could not tolerate the insults on the part of a treacherous enemy against the people of Azerbaijan and our national flag, and subjected him to a fully deserved punishment.

Of course, the idea that the life of a courageous Azerbaijani officer should be spent in custody was tormenting every Azerbaijani.

For eight years we dreamed about Ramil’s release and did not lose hope. We believed that brave son of the Azerbaijani people can be returned to us only by such a strong head of state as Ilham Aliyev. We never lost hope that Ramil would be released with your help. Your love of the motherland, people, the state flag are similar to Ramil’s patriotic feelings, and you could not leave him in the lurch. Ramil’s release is also the result of your political will. It shows that Azerbaijan can free its citizen in a desired way and regain control over its territories.

The transformation of Azerbaijan into a strong state is connected with the name of Heydar Aliyev and his worthy successor Ilham Aliyev. Azerbaijan is steadily developing and strengthening its positions in the region and the world. Your purposeful and forward-looking internal and external policies bring Azerbaijan closer to the main goal – the liberation of Karabakh. The day is near when the state that has such a Commander-in-Chief as you and an officer such as Ramil Safarov will free its ancestral lands from the insidious enemy.


Sahila Orujova

Chayli village, Gazakh District, the Republic of Azerbaijan