01 June 2023, 14:02

From Kamala Mammadova and others, Tartar, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

We are proud of you! We are very happy that you brought victory to our country both in the Patriotic War and at the diplomatic level. We are lucky to have a decisive, world-known leader like you, who introduces our motherland to the international arena. Mr. President, your activity is an example for young people. Believing in you - the Commander-in-Chief, and uniting around you, our sons liberated our lands from occupation after 30 years. If there was no trust in you and our state, there would be no Victory. Your speeches at prestigious events and your answers to the enemy with the solid facts make each of us proud. Under your leadership, Azerbaijan will develop even further and become stronger.

May Allah protect you and our state!



Kamala Mammadova

Lala Taghiyeva

Yegana Valiyeva

Aygun Ahmadova

Ali Sultanov

The Republic of Azerbaijan, Tartar district.