20 May 2023, 11:10

From representatives of Mehmandarovs and other famous generations, Baku, Azerbaijan

Esteemed, Mr. President.

Today, like every citizen of Azerbaijan, we also feel a great sense of pride and honour. Thanks to your great leadership skills, we have achieved a glorious Victory in the Patriotic War. Thanks to your victorious leadership the 30-year longing of our people has come to an end.

Today, our flag is waving proudly in Shusha, the cultural capital and cradle of music. This is not only the liberation of our lands, but also the salvation of our culture, history, and spirituality. This is a double joy for us. Because we have been longing for and looking forward to many years for the moment when we would be reunited with the sacred land of our ancestors. We believed in it. Because it was you as a genius personality and a great patriot leading our country who gave us confidence in this.

Mr. President, the sensitive attitude you demonstrate to our historical and cultural heritage, which has been subjected to Armenian vandalism, increases our love for You even more. Making a documentary film about the Mehmandarovs, as well as giving instructions on the restoration of the Mehmandarovs` Estate Complex in Shusha, keeping this process in focus and familiarizing yourself several times with the progress of works underway there and personally taking part in the opening of the complex, made us – as the representatives of the Mehmandarovs generation, feel pride and endless joy.

Esteemed, Mr. President, on behalf of the numerous representatives of the Mehmandarovs, Rustambayovs, Gajars, and Shirinbayovs generations, we express our deep gratitude to You - the genius son of our nation - for the attention and attitude you have shown, and for your infinite contribution to the restoration of the historical and cultural memory of our nation. We wish you robust health and endless success in your tireless activities.

With great respect and deep gratitude,


Mehmandarov Adil

Mehmandarov Mustafa

Bayramalibeyova (Rustambayova) Imnara

Alizade (Rustambayova) Sura

Azizova Mahbuba

Mehmandarov Ali.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku.