09 March 2023, 19:09

From Nasimi Alakbarov, Aghjabadi, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President, Honorable Commander-in-Chief.

On behalf of the staff of our school, I express my deep gratitude to You for your appreciation for teachers and the care you show to the representatives of this profession.

Your Order dated February 23, 2023 "On increasing the salaries of teachers working in the state general education institutions, whose knowledge and skills have been evaluated through diagnostic methods, directors and deputy directors of those institutions, as well as pre-draft training leaders of youth" is another manifestation of your attention to teachers. Your care gives us confidence and motivates us to work more. You can be assured that we will spare no effort for the patriotic and prepared upbringing of the well-prepared young generation.

May God protect you!


Alakbarov Nasimi

The Republic of Azerbaijan, the Aghjabadi district, the village of Garakhanli.