22 November 2012, 16:20

From Alim Gurbanli, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

The comprehensive development of Azerbaijan and the fact that it stands among the world’s leading nations is a reality today. Our economic strength, public and political activity have enhanced our independence in the international arena under your leadership.

The construction, creative and landscaping work carried out in the Natavan settlement of Ganja makes us all very pleased. Our settlement is becoming nicer and developing day by day. The streets of our settlement are expanded, public and residential buildings renovated, roads paved, sewage, water, electricity and gas lines laid.

Distinguished Mr. President, as a Meskhetian Turk, I, Alim Gurbanli, would like to express our gratitude to you on my own behalf, on behalf of my family and all residents of the Natavan settlement.

You are proving with your action your expression “We live and work for our people”. We are proud to a President like you.
We wish you good health, a long life and continued success in the name of the development of modern and independent Azerbaijan, the product of our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev.


Alim Gurbanli
Resident of the Natavan settlement, Ganja settlement, the Republic of Azerbaijan