From Saad S. Khan, President of ECO Cultural İnstitute

23 February 2024, 13:54

His Excellency Mr. Iham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Your Excellency,

I wish to express my compliments to Your Excellency and avail myself of this opportunity to extend herewith my profound congratulations to you on your re-election as the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the presidential elections held on 7th February 2024.

The ECl, as the oldest specialized agency of the ten-member Economic Cooperation Organization, appreciates your leadership and dedication to the people of Azerbaijan, and is confident that under your stewardship, the nation will continue to prosper and thrive.

Azerbaijan, as a signatory member state of the ECO Cultural Institute with its rich cultural heritage can contribute greatly to the development and integration of the ECO region.

In this context, we earnestly hope that under your esteemed governance, the Republic of Azerbaijan will consider ratifying the Charter of the ECO Cultural Institute, thereby becoming a full member. We are convinced that Azerbaijan's complete membership would significantly bolster our collective efforts in promoting cultural exchange and cooperation among the ECO nations.

Once again, we extend our sincere congratulations on your reappointment and eagerly anticipate a close collaboration with your esteemed administration in the forthcoming years.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.


Saad S. Khan

President of ECO Cultural İnstitute