17 September 2012, 10:00

From Etibar Zahidoglu, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Ilham Heydaroglu!

I would like to convey to you my thoughts full of comfort dictated by my heart about Ramil Safarov. I cannot find appropriate words to describe these two events that touched millions, including me, an ordinary citizen, and made them even more patriotic – Ramil’s reaction to the enemy’s insulting action and your efforts to bring him back home. If I do not show my satisfaction, I will not able to forgive myself later.

One son of the homeland gave the enemy the answer he deserved and punished someone who desecrated our flag, which is the name, honour and dignity of all of us! It was a very fair and unique answer! You fairly returned to him what he really deserved. The work to bring Ramil back home and his heroism are of great importance! This means that you fought on a front that the people did not see and were unaware of. God bless Ramil and those who helped him to rejoin his homeland!

May God bless you for family and life lessons and give you the blessing of the people! It is a sin and an unforgivable mistake not to acknowledge the love for both of our men in the heart of every individual of our nation. Those who do not tell the truth and distort it should know: the work that was carried out gives us full grounds to believe that the Karabakh policy being conducted under your leadership will bear fruit sooner or later.

Your decision was an immeasurable, unprecedented and strong response to the enemies and became an important event in the national-spiritual awakening of our people! You both wrote a glorious and unforgettable page in Azerbaijani history! This event is a victory that cannot be gained even by several divisions! Oh great and brave Turks, let’s always stand shoulder to shoulder like this, and in that case, we will be unbeatable and invincible.

Praying for God to support you and people like you,

Etibar Zahidoglu, the chairman of the “Mingachevir Village” Community

The city of Mingachevir, Azerbaijan Republic