Ilham Aliyev met with President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev

09 November 2023, 10:38
Ilham Aliyev met with President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has met with President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in Tashkent.

Welcoming the President of Azerbaijan, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said:

- Welcome to Uzbekistan again! I am very pleased to welcome you. My wife and my family are sending their greetings to Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva. I think we will see each other again on our next visits.

There was a huge holiday in Azerbaijan yesterday. I think it was also a big holiday in Uzbekistan. I congratulate all the people of Azerbaijan on this Victory. We have always believed in it. You raised the state flag in Khankendi, and we saw that it put an end to all these issues. Now a strong Azerbaijan will move forward and achieve the successes that the people of Azerbaijan, the close friends of Azerbaijan, including the Uzbek people, Uzbekistan and the leadership of Uzbekistan, have been waiting for many years. We hope that Karabakh will be a prosperous land in Azerbaijan in the future, because you are doing a great deal for that. I have personally seen with my own eyes everything that is being done in Shusha and Fuzuli. I am very glad that I visited these places. Let me also highlight what the efforts you are making.

I wish all the best as a close country. We too, just like the Azerbaijani people, waited for justice to prevail and for the Azerbaijani people to achieve this Victory. My best wishes to you. I am sure that Karabakh will turn into a prosperous region very soon because of what you told me about the future of Shusha and Fuzuli. We saw the new airport. I was there too. If anyone looks at it, they will not believe that it is Fuzuli. And it is Fuzuli indeed. All the infrastructure issues are being resolved. So, I want to say that all our agreements are being realized.

The President of Uzbekistan emphasized the role of reciprocal visits in strengthening cooperation. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that Azerbaijan's successes in all spheres, including the field of economy, were causing a great joy in Uzbekistan. The President of Uzbekistan expressed his confidence that bilateral ties would continue to develop in the coming years.

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President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said:

- Thank you, Shavkat Miromonovich. Thank you, my dear brother, for the kind words and for the congratulations. We have always felt and still feel your personal support and that of the brotherly Uzbek people in everything we do. And thank you very much for your congratulations on Victory Day, which we celebrated yesterday. As you have noted, you visited both Shusha and Fuzuli. I was also there yesterday, and while passing by the city of Fuzuli, I once again looked the Mirzo Ulugbek school with great pleasure and gratitude for your fraternal gift. I am sure that all everyone coming to Fuzuli and all those living there are very grateful to you for such an attitude. This is the first gift of a brotherly state we received in the restoration of our territories.

Thank you for your congratulations on the restoration of Azerbaijan's sovereignty. This is a historic event. In September, we put an end to the long-standing issue of separatism. And today, there is no place in the territory of Azerbaijan where there is no Azerbaijani flag. We do appreciate your personal attitude and the attitude of the entire brotherly Uzbek people, their support and solidarity in this matter.

I would also like to congratulate you on your great successes. Being in Tashkent since yesterday, I think it is a city I have not been to yet. Because what I saw while driving from the airport and from the hotel window is actually very impressive and pleasing to the eye. In a short period of time, you have created the most modern infrastructure that epitomizes the present-day Uzbekistan. Under your leadership, your reforms and your tireless efforts, you are pushing forward all your reforms and the agenda of creation. And we, as friends and brothers, sincerely rejoice at this. We rejoice at the way Uzbekistan is developing and strengthening its economic potential, industrial potential and, of course, growing authority in the international arena. All this is thanks to you, as all the achievements of recent years are associated with your name. I am sure and know that the people of Uzbekistan appreciate this very much. And it is no coincidence that you were once again given great confidence in the presidential election. The fact that you paid your first state visit to Azerbaijan after the election is very highly appreciated. We understand that this is a conscious step and a demonstration of our brotherly relations.

Noting the importance of regular reciprocal visits in strengthening bilateral relations, the head of state emphasized that the issues of industrial cooperation, cooperation in agricultural, investment and other spheres were being discussed at the meetings being held. President Ilham Aliyev noted that the ongoing cooperation serves to further strengthen the economic potential of the two countries. The President of Azerbaijan once again highly appreciated the contribution of the President of Uzbekistan to the expansion of ties.

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The sides also discussed issues of cooperation within international organizations, including the Economic Cooperation Organization, noted that there was a good potential for the implementation of joint projects in the energy and industrial fields, the expansion of ties in investment, transport, humanitarian and other spheres, and stressed with satisfaction the active work in specific areas aimed at deepening relations.

The sides exchanged views on future contacts and other issues of mutual interest.