12 september 2012, 09:10

From Elshad Hasanov and others, Goranboy, Azerbaijan

Mr President!

The extradition of Ramil Safarov, a brave son of our people and a source of pride for the youth, to our country and your decree to exempt him from life imprisonment are the triumph of resolve and justice. Your step proved once again that you are the pride, sincerely loved head and military chief and undeniable leader of the Azerbaijani youth. As a historic victory, this event is also the beginning of a great Karabakh victory. On behalf of the Goranboy youth, we express our endless love for you and are looking forward to the day when our tricolor will be flying over Karabakh under the leadership of the commander-in-chief.

On behalf of the Goranboy District youth,

Elshad Rauf oglu Hasanov,

Elman Choshgun oglu Mukhtarov,

Elnur Gnyaz oglu Hasanov,

Raul Shahin oglu Gurbanov

Goranboy District, Azerbaijan Republic