12 september 2012, 12:45

From Solmaz Galamshah gizi, Baku, Azerbaijan

May your every day begin with good things and may your every bright morning start with good news, Mr President!

We, the entire Azerbaijani people, are proud of you. We love you very much. You attained the freedom of Ramil Safarov and issued a decree to pardon him. This is enough for the Azerbaijani people. We had been longing for this for years. He is a son of his homeland and the embodiment of Azerbaijan’s honour and dignity. Ordinary people are more sensitive. It seems as though one of our occupied districts has been liberated. May all your good deeds come back to your children! May God protect you for these people! We want you to dedicate all your life to these people. We are standing like a fist behind you. If it is necessary to retake our Karabakh tomorrow, we are all ready to take up arms and go to fight. Just one word of yours is enough for us. May God protect our homeland and you!


Solmaz Galamshah gizi, Baku, Bulbula settlement, Baydamirov Street, house 58

Baku, Azerbaijan Republic