12 september 2012, 12:00

From Samir Muradov, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President,

These days, my joy, and indeed the joy of every Azerbaijani, is boundless. Ramil Safarov’s extradition and release are the result of your deliberate and purposeful policy.

Your continuation of the policy founded by great leader Heydar Aliyev brings Azerbaijan closer to the great success with every passing day. A good indicator of this is the work you are doing in both the economy and politics, in improving the well-being of our population, the order you sign. It is no coincidence that this annoys certain forces that do not like Azerbaijan and do not want to see it turning into a strong state. The opinions voiced by certain forces in the international community in recent days, the threats of Armenian terrorists are no more than attempts to hamper Azerbaijan. But neither these threats nor pressure can make us deviate from our path.

We, the youth of Fizuli District, are closely watching all this and approve your policy. Let the whole world know that the Azerbaijani people rely on their brave sons, strong state and courageous President. We believe in the motto “Ramil Safarov today and Karabakh tomorrow” and will confirm our confidence with our votes in the next presidential election.

The young people of Fizuli appreciate your order to pardon Ramil Safarov and express their infinite gratitude to you.


Samir Javad oglu Muradov
Fizuli District, the Republic of Azerbaijan