Ilham Aliyev examined construction progress of Jabrayil Residential Complex

28 September 2023, 12:10
Ilham Aliyev examined construction progress of Jabrayil Residential Complex

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan have viewed the construction progress of the Jabrayil Residential Complex – the first residential quarter being built in the city by the State Housing Construction Agency.

Chairman of the Board of the State Housing Development Agency (MIDA) Sadig Sadigov informed the head of state of the progress of construction work.

The residential complex, which occupies a total area of 7.9 hectares, consists of 33 buildings. A total of 712 apartments comprised of 136 two-room, 8 two-room studio, 392 three-room and 168 four-room ones will be built in the residential complex.

The head of state was also informed about Shirvan, Lankaran and Yevlakh Residential Complexes.

The construction of the Shirvan Residential Complex, which will occupy a total area of 8 hectares, consisting of 25 buildings, has started. 14 nine-storey and 11 twelve-storey buildings will be built here. The complex will feature a total of 1264 apartments comprised of 32 studio, 216 two-room, 768 three-room and 248 four-room ones.

5 nine-story buildings have been built in the Lankaran Residential Complex, whose construction is nearing completion. With total of 240 apartments, the residential complex has 32 one-room (studio), 36 two-room, 104 three-room, 68 four-room apartments.

The construction of the Yevlakh Residential Complex, which will consist of 6 seven-storey buildings, will start soon. The complex will feature a total of 329 apartments, consisting of 28 one-room, 14 studio, 84 two-room, 139 three-room, 64 four-room.