To His Excellency Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Republic of Türkiye

28 May 2023, 22:45

Dear Mr. President,

My Dear Brother,

On my own behalf and on behalf of the people of Azerbaijan, I am pleased to convey my sincerest congratulations on the victory you gained in the elections to the post of President of the Republic of Türkiye. It was with great attention and excitement that the people of Azerbaijan watched these elections.

The results of the vote, which is a triumph of the national will, are the highest award given to the large-scale policy and the invaluable services that you have implemented decisively on the path of the comprehensive development of your country. Your activity, engraved on the pages of our modern era with golden letters, is a clear expression of your boundless love, attachment, and loyalty to the Motherland, the people, and the Turkic nation.

Thanks to your leadership, the fraternal Republic of Türkiye has traveled through a great and honorable path of development over the past twenty years to become a power center that has a decisive influence on developments taking place in the international arena, has its own say, and made significant strides in political, economic, industrial, military, new technologies and other fields. As a fraternal country, we are extremely proud of the successes of the powerful and influential Republic of Türkiye, which are the cornerstone of your historic mission.

Azerbaijan-Türkiye relations, which are historically bound together by unbreakable ties stemming from the will of our peoples, are unparalleled in the world today. Our indestructible friendship and brotherhood, mutually beneficial cooperation, and the large-scale projects we implement together are important factors that characterize our strategic alliance, and at the same time, they form the backbone of regional cooperation, security, and stability.

Our people always remember with great appreciation the decisive, unequivocal political and moral support of you personally, the brotherly country and people of Türkiye in the struggle for the liberation of Azerbaijan's lands from occupation.

My Dear Brother, taking this opportunity, I would like to invite you to pay your first visit to Azerbaijan.

I am confident that through our joint efforts the friendship and brotherhood of our peoples, which have stood the test of time with honor, Azerbaijan-Türkiye unity and alliance, will continue to develop steadily and will be further strengthened in accordance with the spirit of the "One nation, two states" and "Single fist" principles.

We share the joy of this victory with you and wish you robust health, happiness, prosperity of fraternal Türkiye, and new successes in your high state activities for the peace and tranquility of your people.


Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 28 May 2023