25 May 2023, 13:05

From the Martyr’s family member, Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Dear President, Mr. Commander-in-chief!

I am the spouse of Bashirov Abbas Ismayil oglu who reached martyrdom to protect the territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan on March 13, 2001.

It is due to your attention and care that not only the martyrs’ memories are perpetuated but also their families were supported socially and taken care of.

Under your leadership, war veterans and the martyr families take advantage of the housing provision programs. Thanks to this program, our family received a fully renovated apartment in Sumgayit. My son who has a family of his own already, also receives help as a child of a martyr.

Dear President, Mr. Commander-in-chief!

We thank You for the attention and taking care of our family.



Bashirova Sina Molla qizi, Martyr’s family member

The Republic of Azerbaijan, the city of Sumgayit