17 April 2023, 14:00

From Ilyas Hajiyev and others, Barda, Azerbaijan

Esteemed Mr. President,

One of the main priorities of Azerbaijan’s state policy is to preserve and promote national and moral values, historical and cultural heritage, as well as support and protect them at the international level. In this regard, your unparalleled contributions to the development of cultural field are indisputable. It is the logical outcome of this policy that new management system is formed and proper personnel reforms are being carried out in the country. Your successful implementation of personnel reforms undoubtedly serves the purpose of improving management.
So, on behalf of the people who have worked in the field of culture in Barda district for many years, we express our deep gratitude to you.

Hajiyev Ilyas Khalil oglu

Safarova Irada Khasay gizi

Mirzayeva Havva Omar gizi

Hasanova Malahat Museyib gizi.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, the city of Barda.