To the participants of the international forum “The Path to Advanced Governance: Towards Sustainable and Innovative Public Service”

15 December 2022, 11:00

Dear forum participants!

I am sending my greetings to the participants of the international forum on “The Path to Advanced Governance: Towards Sustainable and Innovative Public Service”, and wish you fruitful discussions and productive cooperation within the framework of the forum.

By implementing effective and multifaceted reforms in the field of administration and provision of public services, Azerbaijan, a country known for its unique development model, has authored a number of conceptual innovations.

One of such unique initiatives is the “ASAN service” concept. It paved the way for a new service model governed by the ideas of ensuring citizen satisfaction and transparency in the provision of public services, preventing corruption, applying innovative approaches and modern technologies, and forging a new way of thinking in the relations between public servants and citizens. This model has proven fully justified.

This success is reflected both in the positive feedback of the country's citizens and in the interest and attitude at the international level. The “ASAN service” practices are already applied in a number of countries. In 2015, it was awarded the United Nations Public Service Award. In 2019, the special award in the development of public services with the application of digital management made “ASAN service” an Azerbaijani brand. The “ASAN International Association of Institutions Providing Public Services” and ASAN awards have been established in ICESCO member states and African countries jointly with relevant international organizations in the field of public services.

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution on the “Promotion of human rights and Sustainable Development Goals through transparent, responsible and efficient delivery of public services,” calling upon international organizations to promote the successful experience of the “ASAN service.”

In December 2022, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first “ASAN service” center. Today, more than 360 services are provided by various state institutions and private companies in the “ASAN service” centers.

Since its establishment, the “ASAN service” has secured the provision of public services on nearly 60 million applications. According to opinion polls, the service enjoys an approval rating of 99.8 percent.

Another innovation brought about by the “ASAN service” concept has been the involvement of volunteers from the first day the service began to operate. With their positive energy and modern outlook, volunteers breathed a new life into the field of public services, thus expanding the movement of volunteers in Azerbaijan and proving its effectiveness in all spheres of public life.

I do hope that the broad exchange of ideas and productive discussions to be held within the forum will contribute to achieving sustainable and innovative public services.

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 14 December 2022