To the Orthodox Christian community of Azerbaijan

30 april 2021, 14:15

Dear compatriots!

I heartily congratulate you, all the Christians of Azerbaijan, on the occasion of Holy Easter and convey to all of you my sincere and best wishes.

Our country, which has long-standing multicultural values, traditions of tolerance and an exemplary model of relations between the state and religion, is home to representatives of different ethnicities and religions who have been living here like one family in an environment of good neighborliness, friendship and brotherhood for hundreds of years. The preservation of ethnic and cultural diversity in our society, the promotion of a culture of coexistence based on mutual respect and trust is one of the main priorities of our state policy.

All citizens of Azerbaijan, a country that makes an important contribution to the dialogue between civilizations and cultures in the modern world, take an active part in the great creative work and socio-cultural life of our republic regardless of their language, religion or ethnicity. This includes Orthodox Christians. I appreciate the contribution our Christian compatriots have made to the liberation of our lands during the war. I believe that they will continue to work hard and mobilize their effort for the progress and prosperity of Azerbaijan.

Easter embodies purity, novelty, revival and goodness. On this festive day, I once again wish each of you a happy holiday mood, peace, happiness and prosperity to your families.

Happy holidays!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 30 April 2021