Ilham Aliyev inaugurated Pirshaghi-Goradil-Novkhani-Sumgayit section of Absheron circular railway after renovation

18 March 2020, 11:10
Ilham Aliyev inaugurated Pirshaghi-Goradil-Novkhani-Sumgayit section of Absheron circular railway after renovation

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended the inauguration of Pirshaghi-Goradil-Novkhani-Sumgayit section of Absheron circular railway after renovation.

The head of state left Pirshaghi station for Goradil station by train.

By opening the newly renovated Pirshaghi-Goradil-Novkhani-Sumgayit passanger station, the Absheron circular railway is fully commissioned. Baku passenger-Keshla-Koroglu-Bakikhanov-Sabunchu railway line was inaugurated last May, while Sabunchu-Zabrat 1-Zabrat 2-Mammadli-Pirshaghi railway line was launched last November.

President Ilham Aliyev then arrived at Goradil station.

The head of state was informed of the work carried out here.

President Ilham Aliyev then left Goradil station for Novkhani station.

The head of state arrived at Novkhani station.

All necessary conditions were created for passengers at the station. Extensive landscaping work was carried out, green areas were laid out, the lighting system was installed here.

President Ilham Aliyev cut the ribbon symbolizing the Pirshaghi-Goradil-Novkhani-Sumgayit section of Absheron circular railway after renovation.

The head of state met with railway workers here.

Congratulating the railway workers on the upcoming Novruz holiday, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- I sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming Novruz holiday and wish you continued success. On the eve of the holiday, the circular railway line, one of the most important transport projects in Baku, is ready for operation. It will serve residents of Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron district. In general, millions of people will take advantage of these opportunities. Thus, the construction of the circular line, which is one of the most important transport projects of our city and in the Absheron Peninsula, has been completed.

The one-way length of this line is 91 kilometers, while in general about 200 kilometers of railway has been built. This once again testifies that while implementing such large-scale projects, the Azerbaijani state continues its social policy. The funds invested in the construction of the circular railway will return to the budget perhaps in 100 years from now because our railway tariffs are very low. Our main goal is to create great opportunities and comfortable conditions for our people.

The construction of this railway will also have a positive impact on city transport, traffic jams and burden will reduce and the environmental situation in Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron district will improve because transport is the biggest factor of pollution. The need for buses will decrease and those currently operating on certain routes will be transferred to others.

In general, a lot has been done to modernize the bus fleet in Baku. The most modern buses are being purchased. There are plans to deliver 300 new buses this year. Last year, 300 buses were delivered as well. Of course, the transport problems of our city and the Absheron Peninsula are being addressed in a coordinated manner. Metro, railway, buses, taxis – Azerbaijan is among advanced countries in this regard today.

Two-level and very comfortable carriages manufactured by leading companies of the world have been purchased and delivered. They are used in the capital cities of the most developed countries. I can say that we are ahead of many countries in this regard. In other words, the work done as a result of comprehensive measures and within the framework of the state investment program has been completed and the circular railway has been fully commissioned.

I am glad that railway workers have coped with this important task with dignity. Two years ago, I signed an executive order related to the construction of the circular railway and all the work has been done in a short time. I was regularly updated about the progress of construction. I personally examined the situation at various stages of construction and monitored the progress of work. This is the sixth time I have attended the opening of various components of the railway. At different times, I traveled along this line six times – the Pirshaghi station, the Sabunchu railway station, the Sumgayit railway station, the Baku railway station, and today. All these small opening ceremonies pursued one goal – to delight our people before Novruz. This is one of the biggest pre-holiday gifts to the people living in the Absheron Peninsula. This shows again that the Azerbaijani state speaks its word in the social sphere. Although this requires major financial resources, we are doing this for people to live comfortably, to be able to reach work or any other destination quickly, so that there is safety because traffic accidents can unfortunately lead to very serious consequences sometimes. Therefore, having fully analyzed all factors from the point of view of safety, environmental balance, time and comfort, everyone can be convinced once that this line is of great importance.

Work will be continued in the future too. The map shown to me today demonstrates the plans of the “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC for the future. There are plans to build railway lines to other settlements and villages. Projects are being prepared. We will gradually carry out this work so that most villages of the Absheron Peninsula have convenient railway communication.

In general, things are going well in the transport sector. Great successes were achieved both last year and in 2020. The construction of both railways and highways – I think that all this work is carried out at the highest level. In the current circumstances, the main goal is to disinfect carriages. It is necessary to pay great attention to this area because the whole world is suffering from coronavirus these days. Azerbaijan has taken preventive measures in this direction. That is why coronavirus is not widespread in our country now. But this is such an evil that no country can consider itself completely insured against. The crisis experienced even in the most developed countries of the world today is obvious. Therefore, all citizens should be responsible and pay attention to personal hygiene. At the same time, the agencies involved in public works and public transport must also carry out this work with full responsibility and perform complete disinfection so that there are not many cases of infection.

Of course, our borders are currently closed. However, no country has closed its borders for cargo transportation. Therefore, we will continue to work in the field of cargo transportation. I am sure that our state and people will pass this test with dignity.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate you and wish you continued success. Thank you!


Javid Gurbanov: Mr. President, on behalf of the railway workers, we express our gratitude to you for your attention.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you!