To participants of the Vienna International Conference “From Interfaith and Inter-civilizational Cooperation to Human Solidarity”

19 june 2019, 17:55

Dear participants of the conference!

I sincerely greet you, organizers and participants of the International Conference “From Interfaith and Inter-civilizational Cooperation to Human Solidarity”, which has started in the city of Vienna, the Republic of Austria.

This high-level conference being attended by leaders of influential international organizations, prominent scientists, religious and public figures is dedicated to the discussion of such pressing issues as the relationship between religions and national cultures in the context of sociopolitical processes taking place in the world and the inter-civilizational dialogue.

The promotion of peace, peaceful coexistence and humanistic values on the planet are among the most important issues of our time. The challenges of modern times pose serious tasks for humanity. It is no coincidence that multiculturalism and tolerance are priority directions of state policy in the Republic of Azerbaijan, where ethnic and religious diversity is preserved as a national treasure and equal conditions have been created for the free activity of all religious denominations. Our country provides comprehensive support for harmonious relations among different cultures, promotes ideas of humanitarian cooperation, and has launched numerous global initiatives in this field. Baku’s hosting the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, the International Humanitarian Forum, the Seventh Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the Summit of World Religious Leaders testifies to the international community’s appreciation of Azerbaijan’s activities in this area. We have decided to hold another international event in Baku, and it will be yet another important contribution to the expansion of cooperation between different religions and civilizations and creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust on a global scale – the second Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders .

I appreciate Austria’s support for the organization of this conference initiated by our country, and for the conditions it has created for the conference to take place. The joint organization of this event is, at the same time, a clear example of Azerbaijani-Austrian relations, friendship and cooperation between our countries and peoples.

I believe that the Vienna International Conference, which serves good intentions, will be held in the spirit of constructive discussions and contribute to the promotion of universal human values, mutual understanding between nations, the development of inter-civilizational dialogue, and cultural and spiritual integration.

I convey my best wishes to you and wish the conference success.

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan