Message of congratulation for Azerbaijani women on the occasion of 8 March – International Women's Day

06 march 2019, 18:12

Dear women!

I sincerely congratulate you, all Azerbaijani women, on the International Women's Day.

Azerbaijani women have made exceptional contributions to preserving our rich cultural and spiritual heritage, native language, customs and traditions over the centuries. These have been an expression of national identity. At a time when our history encountered complex public and political transformation, women acted as the unshakable spiritual pillars of our society. Having obtained the right to vote in the first decades of the 20th century, ahead of women of some advanced countries, they got more involved in various spheres of cultural life, which was also a guarantee of their further success. We are proud to say that first steps in many areas of art, science and technology among women in the Muslim East were made by Azerbaijani women who, through their spirituality, created a true unity between millennia and modern times.

Continuing the work of their predecessor enlighteners, Azerbaijani women have, in the last hundred years, shown determination in building the systems of education, health and culture of our country on a new basis and covered a glorious path full of achievements. Devoted to the ideals of freedom after the restoration of independence, they played an important part in strengthening the foundations of national statehood and shaping up the current image of our country. And today they are applying their knowledge and skills to build up the economic, cultural and scientific potential of our country, which confidently follows the path of dynamic development. Their firm public position and authority resulting from the full guarantee of the rights and freedoms of Azerbaijani women are among the most significant events in our modern life.

I am confident that you, Azerbaijani women, will continue to strive to preserve our family values, pay great attention to educating the younger generation in the spirit of love for the motherland, native land, devotion to our independent statehood and the ideology of Azerbaijanism, and contribute to the continuous progress of the country.

I wish you good health, happiness and every success in your endeavors.

Happy holiday!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 6 March, 2019