To the Orthodox Christian community of Azerbaijan

03 january 2019, 17:50

Dear fellow countrymen!

I sincerely congratulate you, all the Orthodox Christians of Azerbaijan, on the sacred holiday of Christmas and convey to each of you my most sincere wishes.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, which has become one of the addresses of multiculturalism in the modern world, has an exemplary society in which progressive social values based on the principles of high humanism and tolerance are accepted as the norm of democratic coexistence.

Orthodoxy in Azerbaijan, where representatives of various religions and nationalities have historically lived in the conditions of peace and prosperity like one family, is the biggest Christian confession. I want to note with a sense of satisfaction that the Orthodox Christian community, which has become an integral part of our society along with representatives of other religious beliefs, is heavily involved in the major creative work carried out for the benefit of progress and further strengthening of civil accord in our country. It is making a tangible contribution to the development of an atmosphere of interfaith cooperation and trust. I do believe that the Orthodox Christian community will continue to make effort to further strengthen our common home – Azerbaijan.

Dear fellow countrymen!

Christmas, which is annually celebrated in Azerbaijan, embodies renewal, purity and such intimate feelings as mercy and kindness. I once again congratulate all of you on this bright day and wish your families happiness and your homes abundance.

Merry Christmas!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku city, 3 January, 2019