Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of Park Chalet hotel at the Shahdag winter and summer tourism complex

29 January 2015, 17:00
Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of Park Chalet hotel at the Shahdag winter and summer tourism complex

President Ilham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyeva have visited the Shahdag winter and summer tourism complex. 

The head of state and his wife attended the opening of Park Chalet Shahdag hotel, cableway No 1 and a ski slope. 

The Shahdag winter and summer tourism complex is located in the Shahdag National Park, 32 km from the center of Gusar district. The Shahdag winter and summer tourist complex differs from similar facilities existing in the world for its uniqueness and versatility. Preparations for the construction of the complex commenced in 2006. The bidding conducted at the time was won by the world's leading companies. In September 2009, the foundation of the complex was laid with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev.

Following an instruction of the President, the road into the Shahdag winter and summer tourist complex was expanded, bridges built, protective measures taken to prevent landslides, etc. The area under construction is environmentally friendly and rich in flora and fauna. The facility is located at an altitude of 1,300-2,300 meters above sea level. The complex covers an area of 2,058 hectares. The Shahdag winter and summer tourist complex, one of the most advanced projects not only in Azerbaijan but also in the world, will operate all the year round. 

This project will create opportunities for the development of skiing and other winter sports in the country. Tourists will be able to fully relax here during the summer season as well.

The Shahdag winter and summer tourist complex is Azerbaijan’s first ski resort. The construction is carried out in several stages.

President Ilham Aliyev cut the ribbon symbolizing the official opening of the hotel.

Park Chalet Shahdag is located 210 km northwest from Baku. It has 164 suits. General Manager of Park Chalet Shahdag hotel Stuart de San Nicolas said it was Absheron Hotel Group`s second hotel. The first hotel, Pik Palace Shahdag, was inaugurated by President Ilham Aliyev in 2013. 

The head of state and his wife reviewed the rooms of Park Chalet Shahdag. The suits of the hotel meet modern standards and are built in high design. Excellent conditions created at Park Chalet Shahdag once again testify to the development of hotel business in Azerbaijan and its growing role in the non-oil sector. There is a network of modern restaurants in the hotel which offer tourists dishes of Azerbaijani and world cuisine. There are gyms, pools, fitness and SPA centers in the hotel. There is also a 130-seat multifunctional conference hall. The business center in the hotel will operate round-the-clock.

After reviewing the hotel, President Ilham Aliyev had a meeting with its staff.

Welcoming the personnel, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- My greetings to all of you! I congratulate you on the opening of this beautiful hotel. I am glad that new beautiful hotels, one more beautiful than another, are opening in Shahdag every year. This hotel, “Park Chalet”, is the fifth. It has all the necessary conditions and meets the highest standards. Its appearance, interior design and all services are at the highest level. This pleases me a lot because the Shahdag resort center has been created for several years. When I came here for the first time six years ago, I decided to create a ski resort in Azerbaijan, and its foundation was laid in 2009. These areas were empty at the time. A wonderful tourist center has been created among these beautiful mountains. Today it is a tourist center of world level. All infrastructure projects have been implemented. Roads, power, gas and water lines have been laid. First of all, it was necessary to create the infrastructure. If those projects had not been implemented, it would be impossible to build a hotel here.

Then the first hotel "Shahdag" was built. It was followed by "Gaya", "Zirva", "Peak Palace", and now "Park Chalet". In other words, in a short period of time, in about three to four years, an international tourist center of world level has been established in Azerbaijan. I think this is a record figure. The creation of such tourist centers usually takes decades. We have been able to do that in four to five years. In doing so, we have also used public funds because all infrastructure projects, including the first hotel "Shahdag", were implemented at the expense of the state. The private sector has also made a contribution. And so it should be. Tourist attractions in Azerbaijan are established in the following manner: the state creates the infrastructure, builds roads and provides all communications, while the private sector, in turn, organizes investment.

In general, this area is experiencing a period of great development. According to the information provided to me, 80 per cent of the people working in these hotels, the Shahdag resort, are local people, residents of Gusar District. I remember saying at the groundbreaking ceremony that this center would also create jobs. The tourism sector contributes to the creation of a large number of jobs. If we consider that we are still in the first stage, we can say that with the construction of hotels all our plans have been implemented. But the main period in the operation of the Shahdag tourist center is only about to begin now. At the present time, most visitors coming here are the citizens of Azerbaijan. This is a very positive fact. Since such excellent facilities are already available in the country, Azerbaijani citizens no longer need to go abroad for a vacation. But I do hope that the number of foreign visitors will also increase in the future. Thus, development of Gusar District will go even faster.

The development of Gusar District is always in the spotlight. We have carried out landscaping, creative and infrastructure work, and built a beautiful hospital. Schools and roads are under construction. This center is the biggest tourist destination in Azerbaijan, and the biggest public investment in tourism infrastructure has been made in Gusar District.

This center has a brilliant future. Foreign visitors already know of this place. There are internet sites. People coming to Azerbaijan for the European Games this year will, I am sure, also come here despite the fact that the games will take place in summer. I am confident that this center will operate successfully and during the summer season too.

At present, more people come here on Saturdays and Sundays. But there will come a time when there are a lot of visitors throughout the week, and I am sure that this center will operate effectively in the summer season as well.

The tourism sector in Azerbaijan is developing. Several tourist centers have been created. One of them is "Shahdag". At the same time, the Naftalan tourist center operates as well. In the near future we will open a tourist center in Galaalti. In the southern region, in the Lankaran-Astara zone and in Lerik, we have excellent tourism opportunities. Gabala has already turned into a tourist center. There are several five-star hotels there. In the western region, Ganja and the districts around it are also a great place for tourism. Nature in Azerbaijan is such that there are many beautiful and scenic places, mountains, forests and rivers everywhere. This is a great wealth. We must make good use of this wealth. Such beautiful and modern hotels are built to serve the people of Azerbaijan.

Of course, the biggest tourist center in Azerbaijan is Baku. The world’s leading hotels now operate in Baku. Six five-star hotels were built in Baku in a short period of time. I think that this is also a record figure – six five-star international hotels were built in one city over the course of five to six years. Every visitor to Baku falls in love with our capital because Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the world today. I want all cities of Azerbaijan to be beautiful and to have great conditions, and our people to live well. Today we are providing that. Azerbaijan is developing. No crisis can affect us. We are developing confidently. Our regions are also developing.

Two days ago, all figures were voiced again at a conference on the results of the first year of the third program on the socioeconomic development of our regions. The regions of Azerbaijan will continue to develop in the future too.

I am very glad that my initiative is being implemented in a short period of time. These places have beautiful hotels, buildings and recreation areas.

I wish you continued success and am sure you will work hard to provide a good service to visitors. Thank you.


Then a picture was taken.


The head of state was informed that the hotel has highly-skilled staff, mostly local specialists.


All hotels, parking lots, ski slops, cableways and other facilities are connected to the road by underground tunnels.